A New Face

Now that I’ve successfully secured a job as Associate Engineer over at Tempronics, a local startup, we’ll have more time to upkeep the website, which has been sufficiently neglected the past three years. Katie designed an awesome logo (despite incessant declarations otherwise), and the “spun” WordPress theme from Caroline Moore is doing wonders for organization. We can’t wait to put the site to good use.

Last time we posted, we had gotten a new ball python (almost a year ago!). Today, Sir Smoosh is going strong and growing up, somewhere between 15″ and 18″ long. We’ll need to give his living quarters a makeover soon, in case claustrophobia is an issue. We’ve also acquired a fantastic car from David Forbes – a 1964 Volvo 544! The car was purchased by the Forbes clan in the ’60’s, and they apparently tinkered with it a bit. A crash rendered a few body parts mangled, so a some were taken from a ’66. David owned it most recently, but the car eventually began collecting dust in the early 2000’s. Luckily, Katie and her family rescued it; Jim did a ton of work sanding, painting, and rebuilding parts of the engine and wiring to get it running. It’s now the bone fide start of our vehicular collection, with a fitting hue to match.

This past school year has also been hectic with the addition of an autonomous underwater robot as my University of Arizona ENGR498 capstone project. Sean Topping and I sponsored the project, which has developed incredibly well during both semesters. You can view more information on the AUVUA website (that’s the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle – University of Arizona club, of which I am currently acting President). Our system has been designated a suitable acronym: the Competitive Autonomous Task fish, or CATfish for short. It features an Intel Core-i7 mobile processor computing platform, two HD webcameras, six Rule 1100gph bilge pump thrusters, an 8″ diam. x 12″ polycarb hull, and a stiff sheet aluminum frame. We’re taking it to NURC in a few weeks and AUVSI in July!

Katie’s also been busy with architecture; she just completed her 2nd year of Architecture at the UA, which is supposedly the most difficult, notwithstanding the 20 credits she pursued this last semester. Toss in her 3.8GPA and crazy rendering skillz – she’ll make some awesome buildings some day!

That’s about it for now. I’ll leave you with this: