Damn good coffee!

We got a puppy! Katie’s birthday was at hand, and she’s been a good girl this year, so I thought it was time to bring a whole lotta work into our relationship. The puppy’s garnered similar marks on the adorable-meter as Kyle MacLachlan, so we’ve named him ‘Cooper’ after MacLachlan’s character, Dale Cooper, in Twin Peaks. Throughout the show, Dale sports a classy demeanor and a penchant for “damned fine coffee”. Though Cooper most likely has an aversion to coffee (we have yet to test this theory), his fine coloring and constant curiosity reminded us of this original detective. There’s also a sign (roadsign, that is) we noticed on the way to pick him up for ‘Twin Peaks Rd’, so the opportunity presented itself.

Cooper is a purebred tri-color Pembroke Welsh Corgi, born and raised a native Tucsonan by Kevin Larson, the Corgi breeder we obtained him from in Marana. Kevin has raised four litters now, and Cooper had five siblings to torment until we snatched him up. As advertised, Cooper proved to be very intelligent. As of today, he knows the following commands: sit, stay, down, up, jump, speak, and side (half-way to rollover). He’s almost completely house-trained… almost. At 15 weeks, he has had three rounds of shots and two visits to the vet under our care. The first was a routine checkup and for rabies and parvo shots. The second, unfortunately, was due to an upset stomach which decided to empty itself seven times, much to Cooper’s dismay. At this time, his ears have perked up like two radar dishes, honing in on any and all audible activity. We didn’t have to resort to embarrassing our child, like many before him.